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Experience culture and lifestyle

The Jungle Villa Resort is undoubtedly a great place to choose near Chitwan National Park. We have a number of different packages for you to familiarize yourself with the region, as well as options to customize trips and experiences to meet your needs.

Bird Watching

There are more than 600 different types of birds in Chitwan National Park where you can see migrant birds. Chitwan is a haven for avid bird watchers.

Nature Walk

Enjoy a jungle walk with our experienced local guides, where you can explore and witness the vibrant flora and fauna of the national park.


Take a closer look at the crocodiles as you take a canoe ride on the Rapti river that flows right next to our property. A relaxing way to experience aquatic animals and the riverside wilderness.

Jungle Drive

Explore the depths of the lush jungle through a jeep safari to discover the wilderness at the heart of the jungle.

Ox Cart Ride

As a part of experiencing the local Tharu culture, you can take an authentic ox cart ride through the village nearby and also stop by a small museum to learn about Tharu life.

Cultural Dance

Tharus are the indigenous community that live in this region, and a festive and musical dance performance by the community is a great way to end your day. Expect to join the dancing circle!

Crocodile (Gharial) Conservation

The Government of Nepal established the Gharial breeding center in 1978 after the crocodile population was at an all time low. The conservation site is near Kasara and aims to protect the natural egg laying sites of gharials to hatch eggs in artificial conditions.

Tharu/Darai Village Tour

Engage with locals and see how the villages spend their day to day lives by immersing yourself in nearby tharu and darai villages.


Enjoy the peaceful view of the river at our deck area, watching the wildlife and nature. The sunset is very beautiful as well, and is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Customize your Experience

Contact our experts who would be happy to assist you with a customize your experience of your lifetime.

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