Comfort Wildlife
Resort in Nepal

The Jungle Villa Resort offers a comfortable stay in an adventurous ambience. You can enjoy the jungle safari and experience the wilderness of Chitwan, enjoy a drink or meal as the sun sets, and utilize the facility for a retreat.

All Day Experience at Resort

Once you are at Jungle Villa, you can experience the magic of activities from sunrise to sunset. Bestowed with nature’s finest creations, you can take your time to explore river-side life along with the wild animals.

Ready for an Authentic
Jungle Experience

Jungle Villa Resort has something for everyone. Speak to an expert at: 9855001120 / 9841139351 / 9851215071

Corporate Head Office
Tridevi Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
+977 01 4515070
+977 01 4515080

Jungle Villa Resort
Bharatpur 22, Patihani, Chitwan
(Infront of Chitwan National Park, Kasara)
+977 56 411011
+977 56 411010

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