Save time in Chitwan

Jungle Villa has a number of guided tours led by naturalists and locals, for you to get to know Chitwan, and the region. Our packages also offer an opportunity to interact with locals to understand the culture and local way of life.

We offer a number of package options for Sundowners as well, depending on your choice and have set packages to explore and experience the culture & lifestyle of this region for 1 night 2 days, 2 night 3 days and 3 night 4 days.
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Chitwan at a Glance

1 Night / 2 Days
Even if your travel time is limited, this experience includes a walk with elephant,
nature walk, local village tour, a slide presentation of the history and nature,
and includes your meals during your stay.

Chitwan Up Close

2 Nights / 3 Days
This excursion includes canoeing, elephant
bath (during season), Elephant briefing, crocodile conservation project tour, cultural song and dance performance, and bird watching providing a flavour of life in the
wild, and the culture of Chitwan.

Explore Chitwan

3 Nights / 4 Days
Our 4 day package includes all of the activities above and a jeep safari to take you further in exploration into the heart of the jungle. This is
a complete experience, whether you come as a family, as a couple, with a group of friends, or solo to travel into the wild.

Customize your Package

Contact our experts who would be happy to assist you with a customize your experience of your lifetime.

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Ready for an Authentic
Jungle Experience

Jungle Villa Resort has something for everyone. Speak to an expert at:
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